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COVID-19 Interviewing: 6 Things to Consider

Posted by : admin | 5 months ago

COVID-19 has made Zoom arguably the most popular technology used to communicate as we adhere to social distancing guidelines. As face to face interviews are non-existent having a fast stable network goes without saying. You already know about dressing appropriately (head to toe), finding a quiet (clutter-free) place to interview, being on time, using the restroom before the interview, smiling, being yourself, etc... Here are 6 additional things to consider before... See More

Career Development

OH F#&K!!! I Wasn’t On Mute

You and a colleague are on a conference call. On the other end is your boss and other managers. You chime in intermittently and are mostly listening. Because you’re seldom interjecting you forget they can hear yo... See More



5 Questions to Ask The Interviewer

There is a long list of questions you can find to ask in an interview. For senior level positions the interviewing process is much longer so the candidate has the opportunity to ask (and be asked) many, many questions.... See More


Resumé Writing

Shaping and Molding Your Resumé

At times, circumstances require us to apply for positions because we simply need a paycheck without consideration for the role. Other times we are deliberately seeking a lesser role because it fulfills a specific inter... See More



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