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5 Steps to Take When Your Job is Being Phased Out

Posted by : admin | 1 month ago

When your boss delivers the terrible news, “your position is being phased out in (x) days (or months)”, it comes as a shock to your system. You try to compose yourself and remain professional but your mind immediately begins to race about your future. You are concerned with losing your income and your medical benefits. Few things create more anxiety and instability in your life. However, you still have to be composed to prepare. In addition to making s... See More

Career Development

Utilizing A Mentor

Finding and utilizing a mentor can be invaluable for professional and personal development and growth. Having a trusted advisor to guide you through the peaks and valleys that inevitably arise. It takes a designed meth... See More



5 Questions to Ask The Interviewer

There is a long list of questions you can find to ask in an interview. For senior level positions the interviewing process is much longer so the candidate has the opportunity to ask (and be asked) many, many questions.... See More


Resumé Writing

Shaping and Molding Your Resumé

At times, circumstances require us to apply for positions because we simply need a paycheck without consideration for the role. Other times we are deliberately seeking a lesser role because it fulfills a specific inter... See More



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