Resumé Writing

If you’re a new college graduate or have worked contract positions, you could have many jobs to list on your resume. List the positions you held the longest in your employment history section, unless you held a job briefly that uniquely qualifies you for the position you’re applying for. Otherwise you can create a hybrid resumé and list the skills and jobs functionally below your employment history.
Nothing tells a story better than video. Studies have shown that up to 80% of the information we decode comes from our eyes. The most frequently citied website is YouTube. Consider recording a video introduction of yourself as part of your application. Keep your video short (60 seconds or less) and show them your enthusiasm about the company. Tell them what you like most about their product or service and why your background makes you an excellent candidate. Be succinct yet personable and confident.
Commercials last about 15 seconds and (unless on the radio) are visual and they have the advantage of being seen repeatedly. Your resumé may have even less time than that to make an impression and it’s only seen once. Your most relevant information MUST be at the top and easy to read. A summary of qualifications and a list of skills has to greet them immediately.

This is your benefits and features in a sales letter or brochure. Their problem is that they need a position filled by someone with your skillset and background. Your job is to let them know that you solve that problem, right now. Figuratively speaking, that should be the first thing out of your mouth (on the page). Help them quickly go through their checklist of keywords on your resumé.


Interviewers will sometimes ask this to test your honesty. Mistakes obviously happen in life and in business, so it’s fine to say “yes”. What’s important is recognizing the lessons learned from mistakes and how they’re applied to grow and improve.

Not all mistakes are good. Some are from carelessness or laziness that could have easily been avoided. These can be corrected through better oversight and guidance. The responsibility falls on multiple people to recognize and recover from them.
Answer honestly. If you have entrepreneurial aspirations or a cause you’d support, talk about it. If you would take some time off to travel, it’s perfectly fine to admit it. If you would purchase a home, payoff debt or any other use of your newfound wealth, say so. It’s probably not recommended to say you would remain in a drunken stupor for a month.

Turn the question around on the interviewer to learn more about their interests. Use that information in your thank you letter to further build rapport.
Before your interview look at the company’s social media pages to see what they find interesting and important about themselves. Use that information in your interview when talking about what you like most about the company. Let the interviewer know that you’ve researched not only the company’s website but also their social media posts and the things you find most appealing about them.


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