Frequently Asked Questions

Writing Your Resumé

Resumé information is entered in the "Edit Profile" section.

No, you can enter as much (or as little) information as you like.  The only required sections are your contact data, employment history, and education.  All other fields are optional.

Creating Your Brochure

Yes, you can download your brochure as a pdf document.

No, adding video is optional. You can choose video, audio only, or none at all. This also applies to anyone providing a testimonial for you (they can upload a "Letter of Recommendation”).

No problemIf you don't have information for a particular section (ex: achievements), that section will simply not appear on your brochure and the layout will reformat automatically.

Searching for Jobs

Copy and paste the job details into the pop up text box. Click save and it will appear in your "saved jobs".

In addition to our direct listings we use a third party search engine to fetch job listings providing more of listings to match your criteria.

Recording Your Video

Yes, you can add or delete a video from a brochure whenever you want.

We support most device types and file formats. Use your device's camera to record your video then simply upload (submit) the file.  

The video player will automatically stop playing at 40 seconds.  It is important to make sure that your recording does not exceed the maximum time limit.    


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